Ebook Mercedes-Benz Auto Insurance Program

January 11, 2009

The new insurance program is available through authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships. Available for owners of new and used Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, the new program features 24-hour Accident Call and other attractive original Mercedes- Benz..

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Free Pdf : Auto Insurance Tips That Work And Save You Money

December 15, 2008

Auto Insurance Tips That Work And Save You Money”.

Consider Third Party Only coverage. A third party only insurance policy is the minimum amount of coverage legally required – it is also the cheapest. Generally speaking you should consider opting for this type of policy if your vehicle is of low value. In the unfortunate event of having an accident, any damage to a third party vehicle will be covered but any damage to your vehicle is not. However, if your vehicle is of little value then you may not be too concerned. It may not be worth paying extra for a Fully Comprehensive policy in these circumstances……

Download Free ebook Auto Insurance Tips That Work And Save You Money.Pdf

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