Free ebook: Jeep Service Bulletin Torque Converter Shudder

December 14, 2008

Manual Shudder – (42RLE), (41TE / 62TE JS)**: 1. Is the car an LX/LE/L2 that has had Service Account 21-002-07 or 21-002-07 REV. A been performed already? Reprogram the PCM with the latest software application the beam action listed in the beam action below. Afterwards PCM reprogramming, the afterward have to be performed: a. Clear the Variable Line Pressure (VLP) Counters, begin in the StarSCAN┬« Misc Function Menu. VLP Clear Counters have to be completed on all models with a 62TE manual or if DTC P1745 appears on added manual applications. FLASH REPAIR PROCEDURE – USING THE INTERNET TO RETRIEVE THE FLASH FILE: When assuming this Adjustment Procedure, the software absolution akin in the StarSCAN┬«; have to be programmed with 8.03 akin software or higher.

Download Free ebook Jeep Service Bulletin Torque Converter Shudder.pdf

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